Willpower and Consistency : Tenets of Transformation

The following article is the direct narration of the author! Divyanshu Singh, a sportsman, avid swimmer, fitness enthusiast and an undergraduate student at IIT Kanpur,  was humble enough to  share his fitness journey with ICANBEFITTER ! divyanshu at 95 kgs

June 2017, 95 Kgs

What propelled you towards unleashing your fitness potential ?

An year of JEE preparation, unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleeping pattern and on top of that a SEDENTARY lifestyle had taken a toll on my health and fitness.

I felt really bad for what I made myself into. A super fat person who was lazy all the time. I had been running and working out when I was a little younger so this lifestyle disgusted me and one day I finally made up my mind!

Walk us through your Fitness Regime

I had been running and working out for quite sometime now. The knowledge proved to be my savior. To lose fat I had to be in calorie deficit. Strength training, cardio and a quantified clean diet became my friends.

I started my days with swimming early in the morning for about 1.5 kms, 5 times a week. In the evening it was an hour of strength training  followed by half an hour of cycling, probably 4-5 times a week. My diet was around 1800 calories, which was a deficit of 800 calories (my TDEE is 2600 calories). I know it was a lot (which is bad) but the thought of getting myself into better shape helped me get through it. Also I refrained myself from sitting for long hours. If I felt like I was getting lazy I would climb a few flight of stairs to keep my heart rate up. I used to take 10-15 minutes of walk post lunch and dinner. And I tried getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.

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January 2018, 71 Kgs

Divyasnshu at 71 kgs

May 2019, 79 Kgs

Divyanshu at 79 kgs

What kept you Motivated ?

Sometimes I felt like giving up but the thing which kept me going was the thought “I’ve done it for so long now, why let it go in vain! Let’s try for a few more days”. I used to visualize as to where I wanted to be and that kept me going ahead.

Why do you think people are not able to achieve their desired physique?

When I compare myself with my previous version, I realize that the biggest hurdle while trying to loose weight was the lack of knowledge and guidance. I have seen people completely skipping meals rather starving to keep their calories on the lower end. Then comes the part of long hours of cardio, they get on the treadmill and run for kilometers without supplementing it with strength training. Strength training does help a lot in weight loss and also tones up your body so that you don’t look and feel weak. Also I’ve seen a lot of people that once their weight starts plateauing they loose motivation and get back to their old lifestyle and get back to where they started.

Science behind Weight Loss !

But now when I look back, I can clearly see my mistakes. Excessive working out, eating a lot less than I should have, not resting properly etc. Although I did get from 95 to 71 kgs in 6 months but now if I have the option, I would definitely take more time (probably a year).

PS- Now I’m weighing around 79 kgs. I can lift decent amounts of weight, I am quite agile and flexible. One thing I learnt is that working out to keep yourself fit is a lifelong choice and gradually it becomes a habit of yours. So don’t be hard on yourself, enjoy life and see every workout as a fun thing to look forward to.

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