Why is Goal Oriented Nutrition necessary?

How many out of shape people did you see today my friend? Many? (If you aren’t in military…) Or even few, but you definitely thought I don’t wanna get so fat/ out of shape ! Right!

So lets debunk some myths right away..

1. Working hard in the Gym or on the tracks gives you the freedom of Eating shape!

You can TDEE: more wrong. You see the fact is Nobody can out train a Bad Diet. We do need to eat keeping in mind our Goals.  If you want to gain weight , You eat quantified surplus calories, you need to lose weight, you maintain a calorie deficit. I guess its a no brainer now that to maintain your weight you need to eat around the same calories which your body is burning everyday (we call it TDEE: Total Daily Energy Expenditure)

2. Protein Powders are the magic behind huge bodies, I don’t want to get bulky etc.

Once you calculate your macros (in accordance with your goals) viz how much proteins, carbs and fats you need to consume everyday, then its your onus to ensure you are eating them day in and day out. Some times consuming so much food is not feasible, because you need to invest a lot of time and energy in preparing them. That’s when Protein supplements come handy. Within few seconds, you can give your body a good dose of 25+ gms of protein. If you can manage to consume your macros without supplementation , nothing like it. Bravo. But if you are struggling to meet your macros, there’s no harm in going the supplementation way. (because without completing your macros, your hard work of the gym might not be fully rewarded)

We see people working out in the gym all the time, yet they are not in shape, or where they want to be in 6 months… even in 1 year. Everyone works really hard,  and yet they don’t get results. Let me give you my example, I kept on gymming without much progress for almost 3 years. I was plateaued, and I couldn’t understand what to do. I tried changing my workout, tried eating more (for gaining weight, but gained fat) , tried eating less (for losing fat, but lost a significant amount of muscle mass). I  was frustrated. Then I got an opportunity to workout with some dedicated lifters, and I learnt that Eating according to goal is the weight, knowledge in fitness industry. We just don’t eat according to our goals, and that’s what keeps us away from achieving our goals.  Moreover we as common human beings have so many wrong information and beliefs that stops us from achieving what we want.

Not making this page long and let’s,

Let me state that Fitness is 80% Diet & 20% Training (but both are crucial).

Stay Motivated m/.

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