Science behind Gaining Muscles

Muscles always fascinated me. Guess why? Because I was sick of being called skinny !

So the quest started!

I followed the GOMAD diet (in which one drinks insane amount of milk) , I tried to over eat as much as I can, I even ate junk. The milk gave me gas, and the junk gave me acnes.

So, now I was not only skinny, but also fat. That’s the worse  one can get. A skinny fat body is like a vicious cycle.

Thus I have compiled below the weight gaining method, which I use now !

Blue print for Muscle Gain

  1. What’s your TDEE ? Man, I have memorised my TDEE !
  2. Lets assume your TDEE is 2500 calories. You need to consume more calories as compared to TDEE to gain weight. A standard template is to start the diet with excess of 300 cals. By that I mean, we will have to prepare the diet chart of 2800 cals (2500 + 300 cals).
  3. What  should  we eat in the diet? Our starting macro split would be that of a  Zone Diet (40:30:30). I would recommend nutrient dense foods. Avoid junk and sugar as much as possible. This will ensure you gain maximum muscle and minimum fat.
  4. Stay consistent with the above diet for a week or two, and then depending on the progress adjust your macros and diet accordingly.
  5. Keep increasing calories (slowly) weekly. say 200-300 cals per week.
  6. If you find that in any week, you gained more than a kilogram, then you should probably decrease the calories. The idea behind Lean bulk is to minimize the fat gain.
  7. Focus more on compound exercises, like bench press, squats, dead-lifts, shoulder presses etc.
  8. Limit cardio to only one day per  week.
  9. Do not waste money on Mass Gainers.
  10. Drink 4-5 liters of water.
  11. Try using creatine post workout with whey.

Interested in learning the Science behind Weight Loss?

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