Identifying Body type

Science has classified the human body primarily in three types. They are

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Endomorph
  3. Mesomorph


1. Ectomorph : The Skinny guy


I guess the pic is self explanatory. Skinny guys ,with narrow shoulder and hips, they are the ones called ectomorphs.


2. Endomorph: The Bulky guy.


Fat easily accumulates over them, So they need to love the cardio a bit more 😉


3. Mesomorph : Mr. Gifted.

Yeah, they are the dumbfucks, who probably don’t have to work that extra mile to look better than endo/ecto- morphs.


Voila ! I hope you were able to identify your body type. Let me conclude by saying that, our bodies can also lie in between these types, its a bit of hit and trial to understand our body. Be patient and keep hustling !


Stay motivated m/

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