How to make Quantified Diet Plan

Preparing and sticking to a quantified goal oriented Diet chart can be the difference between any random guy working out and the guy who makes a remarkable progress. I just cant over emphasize the importance of this step. Before moving on, I have assumed that the BMR, TDEE calculations have been done (Calculate BMR & TDEE)  (there are on-line tools available to help you, in case you don’t want to do the math yourself).

Step 1.  Decide your Goal. What is your goal? Weight loss , muscle gain or maintenance ? Define it clearly. Because keeping legs on two boats at the same time leads to …you know what.

Step 2. Calculate the amount of calories which you will consume everyday according to your Goals.

For eg.

TDEE = 2500 cals,  Goal : Weight Gain,    Calories to consume: 2500 + 300 = 2800 cals.

TDEE = 2500 cals,  Goal : Weight loss,      Calories to consume: 2500 – 300 = 2200 cals. Weight Loss Check this link to clear all your doubts.

TDEE = 2500 cals,  Goal : Maintenance,     Calories to consume: 2500 cals.

Step 3. Now that your Calories are calculated, split the macros according to your dieting strategy.

For example, lets assume your goal is Weight gain, and you will start with ZONE diet i.e 40%:30%:30% (carb : protein : fats) . Calories to consume 2800 cals. (1 gm protein = 4 cals, 1 gm fat = 9 cals, 1 gm carb = 4 cals)

Carbohydrates requirements     : 40% * 2800 = 1120 cals = 1120/4 = 280 gms

Protein requirements               : 30% * 2800 = 840   cals = 840/4    = 210 gms

Fats requirements                   : 30% * 2800  = 840 cals  = 840/9    = 93 gms appx

Step 4. Use tools like Excel sheet (windows), or LibreOffice Calc (linux/ubuntu) etc to tabulate your diet chart. These tools are very handy for doing calculations.

dier_chart_example You can see from the above chart that at the end total calories consumed at the end of the day is 248 gms, protein is 213 gms and fats is 85.5 gms. (this is just a tutorial, you can use your own food items and combinations to complete your macros) . One should use apps like my fitness pal, or online tools to find out the macros of food items.  You might wonder that the macros of the foods calculated have not been reached in diet chart. Yes I know, we will have to add more food to complete the calculated macros.Step 5. Now comes the interesting part, You need to stick to this diet (and include changes week by week, so that the diet plan is aligned with your goals), till you reach your goal 🙂

Stay Motivated m/

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