How much Calories do I need to eat everyday?

If you have been following our blogs, you might have a fair idea about what BMR and TDEE calories are.

And we have been time and again emphasizing on the fact that, weight management is a direct game of calories in and out. Even after calculating your TDEE, what if you are still confused regarding how many calories to consume?

How much to consume ?

As a general rule, for weight gain we aim to eat 300 calories above TDEE, and for weight loss we aim to eat 300 cals below TDEE. However, the figure of 300 is not sacrosanct, it can be changed depending upon the individual. Lets discuss a case, when a person generally gets confused. After using the BMR calculator  we get the following details.



For weight loss the lady needs to eat below TDEE, however if she eats 300 cals below the TDEE, she will be eating below the BMR too. Which is not recommended. We should never eat below BMR cals.

Solution !

The way ahead in such case would be to start eating at BMR cals, and increase the calorie deficit from a well planned goal oriented workout program.

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