Fitness First

I was just talking to my friend Vaibhav, and a kind of thought just passed my mind,

So, I asked him…


Okay tell me, how much time do you think an average human would need to learn any skill or art to the level he can teach it to others ? For example say religion, economics, chemistry, violin, fitness, money etc.


Well it depends on the skill and its level, say anything between 5 to 10 years.


Wow, that’s a very long time!


Let’s assume a figure of 7.5 years.


Assuming average human life expectancy to be seventy years and considering the first twenty to twentyfive years are wasted in following the normal clichéd rigor of school and college along with hormonal wrecks of body and mind. That leaves us with [ 70-25 = 45] years of life left. Which means we can learn (If we wish for) [ 45/7.5 = 6 ] Six skills in our life to a level in which we can teach someone else. The number 6 might be subjective.


Fitness First


Apart from all the skills which one wishes to learn consciously, I would second the idea of learning fitness first or at the earliest.



Some might say fitness is something which kids do in school, it is already taught at that level. Sorry, how many of us are in a state to say that we are fit? Fitness is a conscious decision!


But why?


I think these are the points why I think they should be learnt earlier in our life:


1. Once learnt, it doesn’t require much effort and it goes on autopilot. So if learnt earlier, it would be likely that one would continue to be fit for a longer periods of time of his life.


2. Our body has better regeneration in earlier years of our life.


2. Staying in shape saves money. Unless one wants to splurge money on buying clothes without much use, just to wear it once.


3. Fit means a person has a level of dedication, it means one has the patience to wait for the results without giving up. As it is said, “To win the game be in the game!”.


4. And because it’s worth it.


What it requires to be fit is just an hour for certain kind of physical activity which you like and having an eating pattern in line with the mental image of your body which you have in your mind. That’s it.


Point is, are you ready to give 7.5 years for this?



Fitness blueprint for a complete Beginner!


Comment below what you think should be your first skill!


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